Monday, September 12, 2005

Chicken Places and New, Stupid Laws in Georgia

I love Zaxby's? Is that cool? I don't know. It's one of those food chains I'd never heard of until I moved BACK to Georgia. Now I eat there FOR EVERY MEAL. No, not really that often, but about once a week. They serve chicken fingers and fries and Texas Toast and cole slaw. Four of my favorite things and part of the reason I now weigh 346 pounds. Or 219, whichever. Anyway, it's darn good. I went there tonight with my brother after he obliterated me at Halo 2. I believe that I now suck at that game, and I may, in fact, have never been any good at it. I think I know how my countless victims of GoldenEye must have felt when they died over and over again by my relentless grenade-launcher; or those who fell by Spinal's axe in Killer Instinct. It feels good to dominate in games like that, and it feels really demoralizing to lose as hard as I did tonight.

In completely unrelated news, I read this morning that Georgia went and got itself a poll tax in recent months. NYTimes ran an editorial about it. Way to go, Georgia. Way to change the way people in the rest of the country think about the Deep South. To them, we're still nothing more than a collection of racists still upset about the War of Northern Aggression. If we keep up stuff like this, minds will never change. People who graduate from Georgia universities will always have a stigma attached to them when they seek jobs in the rest of the country. So long as Georgia continues to make headlines only when a lazy guy doesn't bury all the bodies like he was supposed to, or when a starey-eyed bride-to-be runs off to New Mexico and lies about some minority group kidnaping her, or when the Georgia Republicans decide that it was about time some of them good Jim Crow-era policies made a comeback, Georgia will never be more than one of America's four or five retarded stepchildren.

But Georgia does have Zaxby's, and I think that makes up for almost everything.


Fried Pepperoni said...

I'm not sure Zaxby's makes up for the fact that Georgia now also has you, but whatever. I digress. Can you say more about this poll tax? Either I'm not following your sarcasm or I'm just not following you. It might be that, like Halo 2, you don't know what you're doing. And as a former victim of your Goldeneye assholishness, I'd like to just say "Ha!". And "Ha ha!". There.

JudgeHolden said...

The new poll tax goes like this: Georgia has stopped accepting other forms of ID at the polls when you go there to vote -- they won't accept, like they used to, utility bills, Social Security cards, anything except a photo ID issued by the state of Georgia for $20 (for a five year DL)or $30 (for a 10-year DL). The Republicans say that it's to tamp down on voter fraud, but as the NYTimes and others believe, the new measure is actually a poll tax, plain and simple, meant to add just one extra layer of hardship for poor senior-citizens and poor minority voters, (usually Democratic voters), who often don't own or have access to cars. That they'd have to spend an extra $20 in order to be have the right to vote, makes it so a lot of them won't, which is how Georgia, historically, managed to keep black people from voting. Yeah, our state's an embarrassment.

blankfist said...

Yes, poll tax and all that... whatever... GoldenEye! Now we're talking! I used to bring the bloop-down on Crane, something fierce!

And Crane owned the game.

The only time I ever played was when I'd visit Crane, and it would rustle his pride whenever I'd ruin him like BTK to his victims.

JudgeHolden said...

Yeah, that was some rough business. Our philosophy on GoldenEye was the same, Heath: "Camping is best." We would sit in our respective "safe" areas, watching the other's section of the screen, trying to goad the other into action. Heath would never move. He would be content to wait literal hours without doing anything more than shooting off a few rockets out of boredom (which he would then quickly replenish as all the safe zones had boxes and boxes of rocket/grenade reloads). So, of course, just so SOMETHING would happen, I would be the one to go after Heath and sometimes I would kill him, but usually I would die. But those were good times. GoldenEye is still one of the best procrastination tools I've ever encountered. Blogging ain't too shabby either.

blankfist said...

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Crane. As I recall, it wasn't a waiting game, typically, and it certainly wasn't a waiting game the last few times we played. No, this was a competition of skill, and you apparently had none to little.


Shannon said...

Isn't it "little to none" not "none to little"

Anonymous said...

Shannon is correct. But then, looking at previous blogs, "Blankfist" really has no grasp of the English language.

Chris said...

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