Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Sanderson Telephone Directory of 94-95: Creepier on Second Glance?

Since I can't really figure any other purpose for my old drawings, other than to make me laugh as I rifle through my old files, I'll just keep putting 'em up on this blog here. If it fits on my scanner, it's fair game. This, as you can probably tell, is a drawing I did for my Raleigh high-school's telephone directory. You can see that I made the subject of the drawing telephone-related. I was surprised, back when it went on sale at Sanderson (where David and Amy Sedaris went to school, by the way), by how many people didn't really "get" it. Maybe they understood what I was doing, but just didn't think it was funny. Back then I thought it was hilarious. I laughed out loud sometimes while I sketched it out. I still think it's funny.

I still like a couple of things about it. I like how coyly the ogre is sitting on his table, his head nearly tucked into his armpit because he's so bashful. But more than that I like my strange conception of what the average-everyday-high-school-girl-of-1995 thought was a really "dreamy guy". Apparently, all high-school girls are hot for thirty-something, lantern-jawed, helmet-haired, tuxed-out soap actors. Looking at it now, I think it's kinda weird how old the guy she thinks is on the other end is. Maybe even a little creepy. If I'd wanted to be more accurate, I should have drawn Nick Carter or some other mid-nineties Tiger Beat poster boy. As for the girl, well, there's something creepy about her, too. She's smiling, but her eyes don't really seem like they're on the same page. Anyway, it hangs together somehow. Thought I'd share and call it a day.


blankfist said...

The description of the "dreamy guy" made me laugh out loud. Funny stuff. Did you notice, by the way, the awfully uncomfortable stare the bear on ther bed is giving us? Where the f*ck are his arms? I mean, look at the evil grin on the girl's face, she must be up to something. Maybe just underneath the pillows, out of our sight, the bear's arms have been tied and bound behind him. Maybe he's been the instrument of her sadistic rituals, and by his gathering stare he's trying to, somehow, somway, signal to us that he is in need of help?

Or maybe it's just a silly drawing.

Fried Pepperoni said...

I love that drawing! The ogre seems like a really nice dude, and somebody you'd just like to hang out with and watch TV, or I don't know, maybe talk about Corman McCarthy books with.

The girl, on the other hand, just seems like a stone cold bitch.

Her idea of a dream date reminds me of Jefferson from Married With Children...Which begs the question: what ever happened to Marcie??? And what about Steve, her first husband??? These are all things your blog should investigate, Crane.

Seeking Completion said...

That reminds me of online dating... i know i have had a moment like that!