Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Soon You Will Get Used To It, Now Watch Circus Quietly."

Here's a Saturday post. Couldn't resist. Found this on another blog (optimalstupidity) and thought I'd post up a link to the whole comic. From what I gather, some enterprising Indian dude wrote and drew up a 30-page comic book detailing how an Indian superhero named Nagraj, whose power is poisonous teeth, casual misogeny, and conjuring snakes from his hands and shooting them over great distances, saves Superman, Batman, and Superman's big useless asses. And then, when Nagraj can't do the job, there's a little deus ex machina to come in and save the day. This thing is terrible, (and also kinda makes me mad, the way he makes all the big American superheroes into ineffectual ninnies), but it's strangely riveting. I really had to read all 30 pages. Like I didn't even have a choice. Here's the link.

Surreal Indian Comic Book

My favorite page is page 11. Hilarious.


noahkey said...

Dude, page 22 is rad. Vispari's feet are healed? Um, were they hurt missed that? And when Batman is freed, it looks like he is waking up from a long nap.



blankfist said...

Page 14: Nagraj's enormous powers were failing slowly.

BOC, Vispari's feet were "badly burnt" on page 18. You probably don't remember because you were in shock, as I was, when you read Nagraj's line "I will kill you torturously!" If only superheros could be that vengeful in our 60s comics. Also, I like how they introduce Superman chasing after some nobody named Missileman, and then to stop him he throws him in into a volcano. I mean, they certainly nailed the essence of Superman there I thought. And, Spiderman in Paris. That was cool, too.

Oh, and page 20 was a riot. The way they telegraphed the action with "and--" and "but--" was smart. Really kind of helps the visuals along. And it's lucky that Spiderman was able to defuse the bomb when he did, because that thing could've gone off at any moment! Oh well... There are just too many things to comment on here, to be honest. So many terrible choices.

Very funny, Crane. And remember, "He flew me like a housefly."

blankfist said...

It's also fun to read the comic, but give Nagraj an Indian Accent (or rather the typical 7-Eleven Apu accent).

blankfist said...

Come on, Crane! It's Monday! Update your blog!