Friday, September 23, 2005

How the Keeshonds Decided What I'd Be Doing Today

Short post today because I'm at my folks' house and their internet connection goes out everytime there's a phone call, deleting whatever I've written, so I have to hurry before the phone rings.

Yes, I am at my folks' house helping my mom paint the kitchen. She's got her house up for sale (as of today) and the real estate agent (the mom of a girl I went to high-school with) said the kitchen needed painting. So I came up from Decatur to help. While we were waiting for some spackle to dry, mom and I went and started potting plants. (Yes, the afternoon was as awesome as you're imagining.) After a while, I headed inside from the garage to grab a potted plant off of the deck when I discovered white paw prints (a la Scooby-Doo) all over the new hardwood kitchen floor my folks just had put in. My folks have two Keeshond dogs and one neurotic poodle. One of the two Keeshonds had dipped her back paw in an open tray of white sealant and pranced all over the house, trying to find the best vantage from which to bark at us as we were outside. That dog tracked sealant everywhere. My dad came down from the office, and all three of us worked to scrub up paint sealant off of hardwood floor in just about every downstairs room in the entire house. And we had to work fast because the longer it was there, the more it dried. It seemed like as soon as we were finished with one area, there was a new room tainted with white sealant. More to scrub. Anyway. That was fun and we did get the paint up. Sealant paw prints are still in a bunch of the area rugs, but I guess those will come out too. So that's what I've been doing today.

What else? Rita's a Category 3 storm now, so that's better than the 5 and the 4 it was at previously. Hope it doesn't kill a lot of people and also doesn't make gas prices go through the roof. Also, for the first day of fall it's damn hot out here. Hope that's not an omen for the way the rest of autumn's going to play out.

Sorry, no picture today, but this computer isn't letting me post one. Monday's will have a photo. Have a great weekend.


blankfist said...

The people at my work must think I'm crazy, because as everyone else is working I was sitting at my desk reading "One of the two Keeshonds had dipped her back paw in an open tray of white sealant and pranced all over the house, trying to find the best vantage from which to bark at us as we were outside."

This made me laugh out loud. I tried to keep it quiet, but it seems the more you try to stifle a laugh, the more pressure it builds up, and it comes out in short gassy bursts which might've scared a few people, to be honest.

Anyhow, great post.

blankfist said...

You should make your blog like this one, Crane.

Fried Pepperoni said...

Yeah, our gas went from 2.49 to 2.79 a gallon here today...and the hurricane hasn't even hit land yet. For the life of me I will never understand it. Our gas gets here on a truck. Needless to say, a lot goes on at the refineries before it goes into the truck and on its way to merry ol' Cincinnati. Assuming that our gas truck comes specifically from a refinery in the gulf area, it's safe to assume that the truck headed to Cincinnati probably left the gulf area yesterday. So, by my math, even if this hurricane wipes out a few of those refineries, there shouldn't be a shortage for let's say a week. Why do the prices jump 30 cents today, then? If the prices jumped to encourage people to ration their gasoline needs in case supply can't meet demand, that would be one thing. But no. Whenever there's threat of a storm and the prices skyrocket, everybody flips out and immediately goes to the gas station before it gets any worse. It's ridiculous. I'd rather dip my balls in paint sealant and go blooping all over Crane's parents' house all day. You could clean it up, sure. But everytime you did, you'd have to think about my balls.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing no one from Crane's family reads this blog, Shawn, except for his father, mother, brother and sister. Thanks for speaking about what you'd do to their house.