Friday, September 30, 2005

House Republicans are All Done With Tom DeLay. They're Also All Done with Endangered Animals; They are Also Just Super Beautiful People

It is literally unbelievable what a modern Republican congress will do once it's in power. Go to for an article about the bill the Republican House of Representatives' passed today to overhaul the Endangered Species Act of 1973. The bill that passed today (and with a qualified expression of support from the president) seeks to gut the Endangered Species Act. Though it appears, for the moment, unlilkely that it will pass as is in the Senate, why would anyone want to try and pass it in the first place? The Act single-handedly saved the American Bald Eagle, and a host of other animals that have since been taken off the list because they began to flourish under its protection. Are the Republicans against keeping unique forms of life in existence? How else can one see it except the Republicans are blatantly the party of the wealthy, in this case put-upon ranchers and developers , and if the wealthy in this country have a grievance and the Republicans think they can politically get away with helping, they'll do it every time. Democrats, again for those who see little difference between the two parties, would NOT seek to gut the Endangered Species Act. They would, if anything, work to strengthen it. Just another difference you can vote towards.

As for the indictment of Tom DeLay and the current SEC investigation into Frist's moronic stock shenanigans, it just goes to show you even the most "Godly" of politicians (especially in a country that pays their politicians as well as ours does), are susceptible to corruption. Are Democrats any less corrupt than these guys? Maybe so, maybe not, but what the Democrats sure as hell don't do, is make the corrupt ones the leaders of the party. Republicans do that. To me, what's best about the indictment of Tom DeLay and his removal as House Majority Leader is not that we "got" one of their big guys. It's that the truth came out (finally finally) on probably the worst Republican in the Congress (and by worst I mean the one who cares the least about law and truth and right from wrong and the little guy, and cares most about his special interest groups, (read: anyone wealthy enough to give him enough money so he can put more knob-headed Republicans into office)). This is the guy who used the Dept. of Homeland Security to track down Texas State Legislature Democrats when they ran off so DeLay's boys couldn't force some redistricting down their throats. This is the guy who helped make Terry Schiavo's end of life into a national embarrassment. Most in the Republican party say it's unlikely that DeLay will ever return to the "table of power". That is a great thing.

Anyway. Saw Corpse Bride last night. I don't think it was good, but I wasn't in the mood for it, so I don't really want to pass judgement on it under those circumstances. Ya'll have a sweet weekend.

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First in roxors!

since we live in a republic anyway they must be right.