Monday, September 05, 2005

Time to Panic

Oh my Christ.

Screw my uber-dopey Sandra Day O'Connor theory. When I read this morning in the NYTimes (Yeah, that's all I read, I just got a new subscription) that only the Democrats were calling on Bush to nominate Sandra for Chief Justice because, they said, it would have a "unifying affect on the country", I knew instantly Bush wasn't going to do it. Bush is no uniter. Like Stone Cold Steve Austin used to say, "Know your role." Bush knows his role. He's a divider. Not only does he not care if half the country's going to hate him even more for sending up another rabid conservative to fill O'Connor's seat (he must already know half the country kinda sorta hates him), but he doesn't care the entire Supreme Court is going to hate him for passing up on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM so he can promote John Roberts to top dog before he even gets there. And he's the youngest of them all. Maybe they're more level-headed about stuff like that, but if I were them, I'd be pissed. Especially if my name were Anton Scalia or Clarence Thomas.

Okay. So the court's going to lose one conservative and one centrist and it's going to gain two conservatives. This country's going to get real awesome real fast.

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