Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So a Guy, an Elephant and a Giant Venus Fly Trap are Waiting for the Bus...

This is something I drew back in high-school. I think the assignment was to bring human, animal and plant life together in an interesting way. This is what I came up with.

Yeah, it's weird. The perspective's more than a little off and my grasp of anatomy seems a little tenuous by looking at the slightly warped way the man in the trenchcoat with the 4 on his head is sitting. (Sadly, it's not much improved these days). But I like it anyway.

Anyway. Mostly wanted to post this draw'rin to keep this blog current. I've been getting some complaints about my long and inane Riddick post. Maybe I did spend too much time on what is essentially an exceptional B-movie. Whatever. So, with this posting, my spirited and overly verbose defense of Riddick moves down a few inches into the realm of What Once Was Current. Whenever possible, I'll try and keep things moving along here.


blankfist said...

That's pretty darn good, Senior Crane. But, you already know this.

At first I was wondering why the man with the "4" on his head is not the littlest bit shocked that an elephant and a venus flytrap is sitting beside him.

Then, it dawned on me. He's got a "4" on his head which, being that four is commonly associated with Earthly items, such as Four Ages of the world (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Iron), four continents and the Four Cardinal Virtues (Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance & Justice), lead me to realize he's the symbolic manifestation of man's culmination of Earth.

He's modern, chiseled and middle aged, which is what we come to recognize of man, being that we haven't been around too long on this Earth but have been here long enough to gain a worldly, weathered sensibility.

He's also bald, which symbolizes man's ruin of Earth's flora and resources. And, he seems comfortable with the elephant and venus flytrap beside him because he has made them in his own image, as we have been made in the image of God, and as we have personified all non-human species, whether they be in form of cartoon or our housecat we insist would look "so darn cute" in a fuzzy sweater and a Blossom hat.

The fly trap, however, seems a bit more comfortable in adapting to "his" human acclimatization, as the kudzu would not care if we erected a fence in its path, or if you cut the grass growing within your very yard.

But, the elephant is the one species illustrated in the truest likeness of its animal form thus demonstrating its inability to adapt. Even the physics of his being is being challenged herein: look to the magazine that cannot possibly be held in those massive, awkward elephant feet.

What a great commentary on human dominance and proliferation in our world. Great work.

Fried Pepperoni said...

I can sort of see that drawing gracing the inside booklet of a cd for an alternative band. I mean, an alternative band that sucks. Even so, there's something kind of cool about the drawing. It's just a matter of where would you display such a thing? The answer, of course, is in the booklet of a cd for an alternative band that sucks.

In regards to Heath's sarcastic interpretation, I saw the gentleman with the 4 on his head and was reminded of your Blinky character (and maybe Vin Diesel. Perhaps this is the root of your Riddick fascination???). Or was it the guy who was supposed to kill Blinky? Whoever, the guy who had to "save time." You know who I'm talking about, Crane. 'Fess up. Admit his origins. Post the script. A page a day. We want it.

blankfist said...

I would love to finally, one day read the Blinky script! It has to have two of the best one liners ever. 1st, someone looks to Blinkey just as he's about rush off screen in typical heroic fashion and says "where are you going?" With slow and controlled movements, Blinkey faces him... the music stops... we all hang on the moment, and that's when Blinky delivers: "I've got to save time"


The second time was when Crane didn't quite know what to put in the script, so he added a line that read: "Put in really awesome Hollywood one-liner here"