Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Four-Page Saga Comes to a Close: Breathless Anticipation is Replaced with Wistful Nostalgia for the Magic That Was

Directly to the left is the third, penultimate, and least well-drawn of the entire "Untitled Indian Superhero Comic", (as you can see, two panels at the bottom never really got inked), notable only for the reveal of the hero's heroic identity: Cobra Commander! Yeah, I know. Way to be original. One thing I notice in panel 1 of this page (and in panel 2 from page 2) is the exaggerated lower lip. When I used to copy Todd McFarlane's comics all the time, I noticed that a lot of his lower lips were always pooched out a little more than maybe John Buscema (artist of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way!) might have liked, but for whatever reason, when McFarlane did it it looked cool. So it stuck. But this was back in the day before Todd McFarlane abandoned drawing altogether to try and make his mark as the Kingpin of the super-detailed action-figure industry. Last I heard he'd filed for bankruptcy. Hope he draws some more comic books one day.

This is page four and essentially the last page of this ridiculous thing. So if you got really attached to this story, say your goodbyes now. I admit that there is one more page, but it's only half-drawn and amps up the goofy to a major degree, so this is definitely going to be the last page. I like this page all right, except I have no idea how the kicked-in door managed to get around the black guy's shoulder like that. I guess I kind of forced the issue. And in the third frame, I started to draw detail into the open door behind our heroic gunman, but when it started to look bad, rather than use a whole bottle of white-out, I just cut out an index card in the shape I needed, and then taped it into place.

Also, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. Sigh of relief that a Born Again Christian with avowed anti-choice tendencies didn't make it onto the court, but time for a renewed sense of dread as we await Bush's next nominee. He almost has to go balls-to-the-wall conservative this time to sate his base who ate him alive on Miers, so we may see a judge so unpalatable to progressives that instead of Senate Republicans sniping about the nominees qualifications, we may see Senate Democrats talking filibuster and saying things like "worse than Bork." Yeah. I'd say this is shaping up to be Bush's worst week ever. Good for him.


Anonymous said...

Bush who?

blankfist said...

Wait, that was a black guy? I thought it was one of those stereotypical stubby Italians. Hmmm... Post the last page, dude. What were you thinking? Post it! What happens next?! What does Cobra Commander do?!

By the way, is that cobra commander dude supposed to be the indian?

Shannon said...

I think I should be a link on your webpage. Or I stop being your sister!

blankfist said...

I think you should be a link, too. So, what are you waiting for? Be a link.