Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Second Page of a Third-Rate Comic, a Link to A Graphic Novel, Ruminations on the Onset of Fall, and a Question About Calvin and Hobbes

For all none of you waiting for this, here's the second page of the Untitled Indian Superhero Comic. I'll be interested to read Heath's dissection of the art in the comments. For a few samples from a genuine graphic novel, fresh in bookstores and getting great buzz, check out this review of Black Hole. The reviewer seems to think this will be the best graphic novel of the year. I flipped through this one at the bookstore and it looked really fascinating, and creepy. Good stuff.

It is now officially cold in Georgia. There was about a week, maybe two, of cool, temperate weather before the hammer came down yesterday. The jet stream is so low now that, as of yesterday, it was dipping into the Gulf of Mexico which, I'm told by my local meteorologist, is very unusual for this time of year. Almost all of Georgia is on the northern side of the jetstream, which is certainly contributing to this cold weather. I'm not really used to this. Yesterday, outside my apartment building when I went to check the mail at 5:30 (and the damn mailman was still putting mail in the boxes), the temperature was 50 degrees with a cold wind blowing, which did I don't know what to the wind chill. It is already as cold in Decatur as it ever got in Burbank. Having real seasons again is going to be an adjustment.

By the way, totally not-related to anything, but is anyone planning on getting the Complete Calvin and Hobbes anytime soon? Looks like it would be fun to flip through, but is it worth the price or the shelf space? I'm on the fence.

Anyway. I've bored you nice folks long enough. More inanity tomorrow.

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blankfist said...

Yeah, I saw that graphic novel in the bookstore the other day, but what's really odd is what was I doing in a bookstore. Hmmm...

Dude, I was going to critique the image you posted until you asked for it. That kind of pulls the wind from my sails, so to speak. But, I will say this, the guy in panel two looks like he just got busted eating boogers. Also, I know panel four was supposed to be an action drawing, but why did you have to 'capture' the moment at that dude's gayest moment? Seriously. You're fired. And what did Lovinder say when you stopped working on this comic?

No, do not pay a hundred bucks for Calvin and Hobbes hardcover. It's not worth it.