Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Lot of My Drawings Feature Crazed, Open-Mouthed Psychos Attacking Others With Weapons: Here is One of Them

A short posting today after yesterday's lengthy rant.

To the left is a drawing I did for Jeff Fradley's 4th-Year Project entitled, Illyavich Rasputin (I'm pretty sure that's the title). Some readers of this blog had more to do with the film than I did, and probably remember the film's plot better than me, but as I recall, Rasputin was about a boy who had nightmares about monsters in his room, discovers one of them is real, and has to fight it on a dark and stormy night. The end result was very impressive and won Fradley a grant or scholarship given by the late, great Robert Wise. Anyway, during pre-production, I was commissioned to draw the covers to two fictional comic-books, each one featuring knights battling monsters. This is one of them. Looking at this drawing anew, I'm noticing a few things about it.

1) The knight's arm is not only the bulgiest I've ever drawn, it is easily the hairiest. He's one hirsute, dragon-slaying bastard.

2) It's pretty obvious to me that I not only didn't know (and still don't know) what genuine medieval armor looks like, but that I did no research at all to find out. What I did draw looks kinda cool, I guess. Apparently he straps on his chest plate (with a manly six-pack, helpfully, already hammered into it) onto his torso with leather straps and buckles stretched over a torn and threadbare shirt. I guess chafing wasn't a worry.

3) Drawing the dragon as silhouette was an awesome time-saver. Looks kind of graphic and pleasing to the eye, and all I had to do was stay inside the lines with my Sharpie. Sweet.

If I knew how to post two images onto one post, I'd put the other one up, but since I don't, it'll have to go up another time. Something for everyone to look forward to.


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-Bob Boblaw

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Your knight looks a lot like: http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0406/29/tobey0th.jpg

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blankfist said...

Dammit! I tried to post a link, but I'm having trouble. The jokes over... not funny anymore. Blogspot zapped all the comedic potential, so let's just forget it okay?

Why blogspot won't let you post a link when you comment is beyond me. What a waste of time.

For some of you craftier types, you might be able to get the whole link to copy by dragging the mouse up the page, and... well.. who cares... not important anymore... it was a picture of Tobey Maguire stopping the train in Spider-man 2. His face looked a lot like the knight and... who cares. I think I might hate blogspot.