Friday, October 28, 2005

I'll Be Gone 'Till November

Well, for whatever reason, either Blogger or my computer will not allow me to post an image, so today, you get no picture. Sorry. Just imagine a nice photo of the Capitol Building accompanying this post.

I'm writing to let all 10 of you know that I'm headed up to DC for the weekend to see my sister and the freshly betrothed Fedaks. I'm flying up there (before I thought I would drive but Google Maps tells me it's a 13-hour drive to DC, and not a 10-hour drive as I'd thought -- flying is definitely preferable) and I'll be back on Tuesday afternoon. It's my first time ever in our nation's capitol, so I'm pretty excited about it. I'll let you know how everything went when I return. I hope you all can handle the suspense.


blankfist said...

Oh boy, Mr. Crane Goes To Washington! It's the sort of cesspool that breeds politicians, and you will probably see that in just how awful that city feels to be in. And, I'm recalling the last and only time I went there back in the 80s, so I'm sure its twice as disgusting to see our capital in this day and age.

However, seeing some of the great monuments is worth pinching your nose and stepping over the plethora of pee soaked bums. Hey, while you're there, could you do me a favor? Go to the Ford Theater for me, okay? I mean, my parents did drive my brother and me past there, but we were too enamored by the drunk bum laying on the sidewalk just on the other side. He was urinating on himself and the sidewalk. My father was waving his arms, trying to get our attention, saying 'you're going to miss the Ford Theater'. At the time, I didn't care where Lincoln was shot. At the time, it was the first adult male penis I had ever seen, and I remember thinking, 'that's what my ding-dong will look like?'

BOC said...

Be glad you are not driving. I find it wildly ironic that DC is built so that you have to intentionally drive in circles to get anywhere.

great home of punk rock, if that is your thing: gave us minor threat, Henry rollins, Fugazi. That's nice.

blankfist said...

BOC, can you recount the McClananaanaanhand story where he drove his wife over the edge. You know that story better than anyone else, being that you were a turncoat and worked for the school. Evil, evil turncoat.

Fried Pepperoni said...

I hope you'll be taking more pictures in D.C. to caption as you did your cross-country venture, Crane. I can see you now standing in front of the Washington Monument in a way that makes it look like it's sitting in your hand. Or something stupid like that. But with you, it's cool. Even cute.

Have fun. Tell your sister I'm not Heath.

Seeking Completion said...

SOB!!! you can't even come 25 miles to see your damn brother but you will FLY to see your sister... i see how it is... SOB!