Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Is It Wednesday Again Already? Yaaaayyyy!

This is me. This was taken in the waning days of our time in Burbank, CA. I've posted another photo on this blog a month or so ago, that was taken mere seconds before this one. They're both equally goofy. I share the joy with all of you.

What did I do today? Well, I scrubbed and cleaned the toilets in my apartment today. They be sparklin' now. Well, not exactly. The one toilet we use to flush away our cat's, ahem, leavings, intermixed as they are with the flushable kitty litter, tends to get pretty nasty over time. It took some real work this afternoon to get that commode cleaned, but even still, there are pink streaks in the back that I can't get up for the life of me. Anyway, it's much better than it was before. Now that I know how to use those new flushable toilet scrubbers, those toilets will stay clean and appealing -- kind of like a gleaming white, porcelain friend you look forward to hanging out with. Sorry, this paragraph was kind of gross, but you know, it's what I did.

I found something interesting online today. Rick Moranis has recorded a COUNTRY ALBUM. I know, it's kind of surreal, but I listened to a sample track and it's sort of funny. I don't expect this thing to be a blockbuster by any stretch, but Rick Moranis seems like an okay guy, so I won't even make fun of him for this. Good for him, trying something new.


blankfist said...

A very scary and/or homosexual picture.

Fried Pepperoni said...

For whatever reason, I can imagine that a country album by Rick Moranis might actually work. And I don't mean that it will find an audience or be any good or change his entire life, I just mean that it won't ruin his entire life. I don't think his stint as a musician would become a joke the way Leonard Nimoy's stint as a musician is a joke (have you heard his song about Bilbo Baggins? Yowsa.). Mainly, I don't think anyone will care, outside of a couple tall, gangly Ghostbuster nerds like yousrelf. But good for him.

Did you know Jeff Daniels writes jokey/funny/comedy songs? He's okay. I heard him on the Bob and Tom radio program. Don't know if he has an album or not. Also can't confirm if "mocking bird" is in his current repertoire, but let's hope it is.