Friday, February 17, 2006

Because It's Friday, Here's More Gratuitous Senior-Citizen Nudity. You Know You Like It.

I thought I'd finish out the week with yet another bit o' artwork.

In October of last year I posted up a drawing I did in white pencil on black paper of an old naked dude. In that post, I mentioned this woman and talked about how I'd wondered about her motivations for doing this sort of work, i.e. posing naked for community college drawing classes. Turns out I did maybe two good drawings from that class: the one I posted in October, and this one. Though I'd share it with all of you.

In other news, Harry Whittington, the dude Cheney shot in the face last Saturday, apologized to Cheney for getting in the way of all of that birdshot. Kind of hard to believe. Maybe that's just what old-fashioned hunting accident-victims say to the shooter when they recuperate. Outstanding questions that have, to date, never been answered about the incident are: Who were Cheney and Whittington with? How far from Cheny was Whittington when Cheney fired, really? (90 feet is generally accepted as laughable). And, most importantly, was Dick drunk? We may never find out. The county where the shooting took place has about 400 people living in it (it's actually one of the least populous counties in the entire country), and Armstrong, the owner of the ranch, "draws a lot of water" in town, to quote Big Lebowski, and the local police aren't going to risk pissing her off by getting to the bottom of things. We'll likely never find out what happened.

Anyway, have a good Friday evening, and a great weekend.


blankfist said...

Waterworld hat.

Peggy said...

Heath -

sorry, but I honestly think you need a good smack in the face; have heather do it


Anonymous said...

You ain't born no again, so I came up with it.

blankfist said...

I doubt Heather would do it? Is your hubby not man enough?

blankfist said...

Why take diet pills when you can enjoy AIDS? Hillarious!

Peggy said...

I would do it myself, but I'm too far away. Next visit, I promise!


Anonymous said...

i kill all conversations on crane inanitiez because I'm anonymous, aka dope daddy!

Shannon said...

Senior citizens are hot. HOTT