Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday's Quasi-Hiatus Storyboards

What is there to say about this one? Or any of these really? It's all about the animate and inanimate, coming together to share in the joy of amazing music. Music videos, dudes. Also, someone mentioned the Pixar lamp from yesterday's post. Well yeah, that's the Pixar lamp in the middle. It's one of the lamps I know how to draw because I used to have one.

Here's another instance of a guy in the band rocking with an appliance. Vem and Tony, (the Klasfeld proteges who directed this thing), were throwing out ideas for human/appliance interaction. I wrote down the ideas they agreed were board-worthy, sketched them out for their approval, then I went home and drew it up purty like this into the wee hours. I don't know how this toaster thing came out in the video, but it reads pretty well in the form of a drawing. All right. More tomorrow.


blankfist said...

The song is called Glow and you can check it out here:


Haven't you guys ever heard of Google? Sheesh! By the way, all the frames you've posted can be seen in the video, although the way in which you drew them to animate is WAY better than the final outcome. Check out how they decided to treat the whole toast popping out of the toaster thing... lame.

blankfist said...

Quasi-hiatus or no hiatus, I enjoy the storyboard posts. It's fun to see them in their infancy before they were made. Do it to it!

Nathan said...

I like them too...but does anyone else miss the angry political rants?

oh...Crane...you wanna come up with this month's smackdown topic?

JudgeHolden said...

Hinesy, even though it was really just you and me in the month of February, (Heath insists his entry was a joke), I'll be an optimist and post up the new Literary Smackdown. It's not going to be as fun as January's but it's going to be a good, instructive challenge,I think. (By the way, was there a Smackdown winner in February? Is it Heath's joke entry?)

Kind of a funny story -- it's 15 till 1 AM on the east coast and I just responded to an email I received from a guy named Jesse to do storyboards for a commercial, but to do the job, I would have to meet with the director tonight in LA. I called Jesse up to let him know I was in Georgia now, and he said they did lots of stuff "out there", so maybe I'll hear from him again. Anyway.

blankfist said...

but to do the job, I would have to meet with the director tonight in LA

And to do the job, you'd have to actually work. That's no good for you, housewife.

harwell said...

See, now that was a zing.