Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stephanie Tanner Returns, Joel Coen May or May Not Direct Cormac McCarthy's "No Country For Old Men", and Sandwiches! What a Good News Wednesday!

Dudes. This is Jodie Sweetin, AKA: Stephanie Tanner from Full House! Can you believe she's 24 now? She came on Good Morning America this morning to discuss her recent troubles with the drogas. Turns out she used to be a meth addict. She's getting a divorce from her cop husband whom she married 4 years ago, which is kind of sad. I admit it: I used to watch Full House all the time, so to finally see the only member of the Tanner household who's gone underground since the show went off, kind of makes me grin. She wasn't too cute on the show, but she looks all right now. Good for her. Now, if anyone can dig up a current picture of either the kid who played Danny Torrance in The Shining or the girl who played Newt in Aliens, then I'll be very pleased, and I'll post it up on the Inanities (which may actually be a disincentive).

Other news. No Country for Old Men, a novel by Cormac McCarthy that I talked about on this thing before, is being adapted by the Coen brothers. My suspicion is the Coen brothers are going to both write and direct this thing, though the article says they're going to let Scott Rudin direct. I think the article's wrong. Rudin's a producer. That's all he's ever done. I doubt he'd try and cut his teeth on something like this. (Also, on IMDB it shows that Rudin's producing The Corrections for a 2007 release, and it's got Robert Zemeckis attached to direct. Doesn't this seem weird? Corrections is hardly Polar Express or What Lies Beneath. Maybe this is BS, too.)

And finally, sandwiches. Aren't they good? Here's a question: is it a geography thing when some people see a hamburger and call it a sandwich? For me, they are two totally different things, but perhaps for others, they are just two different forms of the same thing. What's the deal? (said in a Seinfeld voice) A good BLT is one of the best sandwiches you can get (and they're usually pretty cheap if you get one in a restaurant), especially when the bacon is a little on the undercooked side, but I also like a good club with a lot of mayo, smeared right on the tomato slices. Best club sandwich I ever had was at a place in Burbank called the Elephant Bar. I know it's a chain, which makes this claim suspect, but, honestly, never had one better. Chicken salad, egg salad, I'm a sandwich slut. Put it between two slices of bread and get your mind out of the gutter and I'll eat it.

By the way, thanks for all the comments yesterday. I wasn't expecting so many on a downer political post. Me likey. I'm also interested to find out the true identity of "full flavor johnny blaze". I'm pretty sure it's not John Carcieri. The most recent post Johnny Blaze made was posted by, I confess, me. Thinking Heath was the real culprit (which I still kinda do), I was trying to draw him out into the open, which I did, sort of. The answer to Johnny Blaze's true identity may lie in this question: which School of Filmmaking alum currently resides in or around Norco, CA? It's out by Chino Hills and Corona. Way the hell out in the 909. Riddle me that, Batman. I'm out. More tomorrow.


full flavor johnny blaze said...

I'll tell you what, fellas. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't a little insulted by the fact that none of you believe this is actually me posting these comments. What gives? Is it because of the Bush stuff? Or did you not think I could string two sentences together?

Well, enough of the fun and games. If this isn't the real John Carcieri, how would I know that Heath used to call me "Stout" because he had a friend in the Navy by that name who I apparently resemble? If this isn't the real John Carcieri, how would I remember getting stuck with Grant Millin as my DP for my second year film and hatching a plan with the Full Flavors to let all the air out of his tires so I could fire him when he showed up late? If this isn't the real John Carcieri, how would I remember the last time I saw BOC was at Thanksgiving four years ago? If this isn't the real John Carcieri, how would I remember appearing in the Brian Crane classic "The Meeting Place" with Sean Baca and Brett Clark?

If you still don't believe me, ask anybody who went to Sundance this year for Jody Hill's "Foot Fist Way" who the crazy son of a bitch was who slept in his car in zero degree weather. I'll tell you who it was, it was me... John Carcieri.

Enough evidence? If not, I suppose Alex will have to write Heath an e-mail to confirm that I am indeed posting here.

And I guess none of you bastards like Young Guns.

I'm out.

full flavor johnny blaze said...

clarification: Sean Baca and Brett Clark didn't appear in "The Meeting Place," they produced and DP'd it, respectively.

blankfist said...

Picture of Carrie Henn (aka Newt) at 22:

And, Johnny Blaze? Hmmm... The 'stout' comment pretty much makes me a believer, to be honest. To be absolutely sure, let me ask you a quick series of questions to see if you are, in fact, the real John C.!

1) What two streets in Winston was the flava station on? One was a two-story, and one was a one-story.
2) What John C. video did I get a beat down at the gas station across the street from one of the above flava stations?
3) What sort of special collection did you (or your father) have at your home in Winston?
4) What color was your car in College? What kind of car was it?
5) Which flava song made mention to a character in one of my screenplays?
6) Which RA in school was gunning for the flavas? There were so many, but this one in particular I'd come to your room on E3 to tell you expressly when he would be "roving" the halls.
7) During my second year shoot (The Comic Book Artist), I shot in one of the flava stations. One day I shot in your room. When you came home, you were kind of pissed with me because of something having to do with 'flour'. Do you remember what it was?
8) And lastly, what one thing did I used to do bothered you the most when we were in school? I just recently told Alex to remind you.

That's right, that's a decent amount of questioning, but it's worth it, if you ask me! We've got to ensure we have the REAL Johnny Blaze up in this piece.

nathan said...

Young Guns is a good film..but not 2.

And I believe your Carcieri...however, if you are indeed Heath, it wouldn't surprise me either.

full flavor johnny blaze said...

1) Hawthorne and Cherokee.
2) "Full Flavors: The Motion Picture" trailer
3) Star Wars toys, movies, and guns, lots of guns.
4) Blue 1991 Pontiac Grand Am
5) The seminal classic "Christian Summers".
6) Brian DeRocha?
7) Flour on my stereo, you messy bastard.
8) Mispronounce my name a la Andre Bellamy (Coochiperri, Chickaperri, etc.)

full flavor johnny blaze said...

Thanks for the support, Nathan.

But in my opinion, YG2 was a superior sequel in all respects. I don't know why I liked it so much, I think it was the "Spirit Horse" scene.

JudgeHolden said...

Holy shit, it IS John Carcieri! Sorry for all of the suspicion, but that's the cost of interacting with Heath. How's it going man? What are you up to? Where you livin' at? Anyway, it's good to hear from you. Hope the blog doesn't get so boring it chases you off.

moran said...

Young Guns II is awesome because it contains a certain kickass song by a certain Jon Bon Jovi that won a certain Golden Globe.

I'm goin' ooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuut in a BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZE OF GLOOOOOOOOOOORY!

Take me noooooooooooooooow,
But know THE TRUTH!


I never drew first,
But I drew first blood,


It also featured a then unknown Viggo Mortensen, and a really cool part where this smokin' hot redhead struts out of her whorehouse wearing nothing but boots and a cowboy hat, mounts a horse and tells everyone to kiss her ass. One of the best PG-13 moments ever!

Speck said...

I never doubted it was Carceiri..I said wassup dude...

I like Young Guns 2.

nathan said...

I know this politcal subject is from a previous posting but this article made me feel a LITTLE more hopeful about Alito

nathan said...

oh...might want the link too:

Peter said...

Peter Fedak here:
Riddle me this Carcieri.

The only night we ever hung out, you got in my car with some other guys and we went to a restaurant where I asked out Butter's daughter.

What restaurant was it??


Jody said...

Sup fellas. Why is everyone quizing everyone? Can't a flava stop by to say what's up? It's really John, he slept out in his car that crazy ass. Sup John.

JudgeHolden said...

Heath, I'm calling you out.

YOU are Jody. I have irrefutable evidence via Site Meter. So if you're Jody, you may also be Carcieri. Isn't it interesting that all of the "supporting evidence" for John being John comes from questions asked (and perhaps answered) by Heath? We'll see if John chimes in with the correct answer to Peter's question, an answer that only the real John Carcieri would know (am I right about that, Peter?) Also telling - John doesn't QUESTION the rampant skepticism in the comments, only COMPLAINS about it. The real John would likely wonder what was up with everyone doubting his veracity, but the Heath-John would EXPECT it because he is, in fact, Heath. Why do I feel like I'm in the blog version of The Thing?

Peter said...

That's right Crane!

Baca said...

Hey look everybody! It's me, Sean Baca! Remember me? Remember, "Sean Baca back again co' rippin' shit up"?? Huh?! I was on episodes of Home Improvement and the Wonder Years. I drove a red car. I swear it's really me and I love this blog, because I love Brian Crane.

Go ahead, ask me something. Especially you Carcieri. Go 'head.

Peter said...

Dear Brian,
as long as Heath terrorizes your blog I will refuse to blog here.


JudgeHolden said...

Ha ha! Busted! And what better way to reveal your true identity than to impersonate Baca. Pretty funny stuff. I also like how the new incarnation of Carcieri is a right-wing Republican. Hilarious. It's so weird it smacks of the truth. You gave it away too much with the Jody thing though. Though maybe you felt bad about hooking some of us in so you decided to tip your hand. Painting youself as one of the doubters was pretty good. Anyway, better luck next time.

Renewed Republican said...

I would say the old fashioned hot dog is as American and good a sandwich as any, especially better than a BLT, The BLT, by definition is just made from left overs, it is a Liberal sandwich if there ever was one. Getting the best BLT in California just proves my point.
By the way I'm back from my hiatus. Do drop by if you want to learn the ways of the world.

spookie-dookie said...

Who's impersonating me?

-The Haunted Turd, aka Baca!

full flavor johnny blaze said...

Hey fellas.

Speck, thanks for being the only one who believes in me. I'm not that hard to believe in, am I? I'm not Santa Claus or anything.

Peter, I'm thinking that Butter's daughter incident happened at the IHOP on Coliseum Dr. Wasn't Seamus with us, too?

blankfist said...

Okay, so I know nobody's gonna believe me, but I just got off the phone with John, and I am here to confirm that 'full flava johnny blaze' is in FACT the real John Carcieri. No lie. The jury's still out on who posted as 'baca', but this is the real John.

I know this will fall on skeptical, if not deaf, ears, so all I can do is say it. I did my part.

It was good catching up with you, John. Crane and you should wrestle to see which side wins: Republican or Democrat. Also, on a side note, I was the 'jody' and 'spookie-dookie', but that was just me busting chops.

blankfist said...

Dear Brian,
as long as Heath terrorizes your blog I will refuse to blog here.


nathan said...

I still think it's really John...but still wouldn't be surprised if it were Heath

blankfist said...

Thanks for being so noncommittal in your affirmation, Nathan.

Fried Pepperoni said...

Yeah, I still don't believe in God...but I wouldn't be surprised if I went to Heaven when I died.

Pick a side, Hines. Christ almighty.

Heath's gone as far as giving me "Carcieri's" phone number in an email. Will I call it? I dunno...the jury's still out on that one. But if it is Carcieri and I do call, be kind dude. You remember Heath. You know what he's like. You know what he's capable of.

But that was me playing Baca. Ha, Crane. You thought it was Heath! Ha, Heath. You didn't know who it was! By the way, did anybody actually see if is a site?

blankfist said... is not a site.