Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sidewalk Art That Will Destroy Your Mind

Stumbled over this and was pretty impressed. This seems like the sort of thing that's already made the rounds through annoying email forwards, but I've never seen it, so I'm posting it up here on the odd-chance some of you haven't either. This guy's name is Julian Beever and he's done these things on sidewalks all over the world. It's like spontaneous trompe l'oeil and it's really amazing. I guess he draws these things mostly through the viewfinder on his tripod-mounted camera. The link to a whole series of them is here. Because these drawings only work from one angle, it's very interesting to see what one looks like from the wrong angle. Near the bottom is a photo of one of the chalk drawings from just such a wrong angle. Very interesting. I know it's Saturday, but I thought I'd share this one.


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Harwell said...

I got a bunch of pictures of that dude's artwork in a forwarded email at work about six months ago, and it's maybe the only forwarded email I've ever received in my life that I didn't immediately want to delete. The guy's a sidewalk DaVinci.

In fact, while I was at Warner Bros. I heard Robert Zemeckis is making a movie about him called THE SIDEWALK DAVINCI CODE to rival Ron Howard's upcoming film and prove once and for all who's the better filmmaker.

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Peggy said...

that's amazing

I wonder if people were walking around that construction one, because it looked like construction so much, or because it was art


Shannon said...

Neato. I'm so happy.