Friday, February 03, 2006

What Newt Would Have Looked Like Had She Not Died in the Crash; What Danny Torrance Would Have Looked Like 26 Years After He Escaped From the Maze

I mentioned a couple of posts ago how awesome it would be to see what the little girl who played Newt in Aliens looks like today (her name is Carrie Henn), and even more so, what the boy who played Danny Torrance in The Shining looks like as a young man (his name is Danny Lloyd). Heath posted a link in the comments to a current Carrie Henn picture, and suggested the most mind-bogglingly obvious method to procure the photos I was looking for: Google Images. Which happens to be exactly how I get most of the pictures I post up on this thing. So I type in Carrie Henn and Danny Lloyd, and I got what I was after. I share them today, with you. First image is Danny Lloyd as he appeared in The Shining. The second is Danny all growed up. The third image is Carrie Henn as she appeared in Aliens. The fourth image is Carrie all growed up with someone I presume to be her husband. I ccouldn't be bothered to do actual research, so we'll all just have to suppose. Anyway, here they are. Have a good weekend.

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