Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Fat, Old, Bald, White Male Governor's the One on the Right

I saw the governor of Georgia today. I was picking up my wife at school and I saw him and an aide walk across the little road between the business school and the student dormitories and get into a giant black GMC SUV. At first I thought he was going to go INTO what looked to be the girls' wing of the dormitory, but at the last minute he opened the GMC's back door for his aide, and then jumped into the passenger seat, and they drove away. HAD he gone in, I would have been a little concerned. Anyway, I liked the relative lack of ostentation with the governor's in-state travel arrangements. No giant entourage. No bodyguards. Just the governor, a driver, and some other white guy. Too bad so many people want to kill the president all the time, otherwise he (or she) could one day be similarly low-key.

Sonny Purdue (the governor) had just finished speaking to my wife's business school about ethics and leadership. The irony is so heavy here it's actually hurting me. Sonny Purdue, after all, is the guy who, in the election that put him into the governor's mansion, came out for keeping the stars and bars on the state flag (which were only incorporated into the state flag in the 50's as the trend towards desegregation was starting to bear down on the South). He got elected Governor because the incumbent, Roy Barnes, had taken a principled stand against the confederate flag and wanted the symbol removed from the flag. So Sonny got the racist vote, got into office, and then reneged on his original promise. That's playing politics smart and dirty (the Karl Rove way) but what it sure isn't is ethical.

Peggy told me he spoke for an hour and managed to say not a single thing.

Anyway. That's all I got today. More, as always, tomorrow.


nathan said...

just looking at his picture, I wouldn't even buy a car from that guy

blankfist said...

I would. A white car.

harwell said...

Ha - good one Heath.

And I think what Hinesy meant to say was, "just looking at his picture, I wouldn't even buy a rickshaw from that guy."

nathan said...

good ones all around.

But what I really meant to say was, I'm gonna tattoo the confederate flag on my ass and move to Virgini, find a cousin and have some baybees.

nathan said...

oh, Shawn and Crane, do I need to set you guys as administrators on the smackdown for you to post stuff?

Craig Moorhead said...

Just looking at both of those guys, I wouldn't buy a richshaw from anybody.

JudgeHolden said...

Dude, I accepted the administrator thing in an email blogger sent me last night. So I'm on there. But what do you want me to post? The contest is once a month, right?

nathan said...

Crane, totally.

Just once a month, just came to mind that it would be easier for next month, and since Shawn has to come up with next month's topic, It even be double easier.

blankfist said...

Literary Smackdown = lame.

harwell said...

I got that email too Hines and followed the instructions.

I'm really looking forward to letting you down.

blankfist said...

It looks like Ben Affleck is soon to be directing a film called 'Gone, Baby, Gone' which, from what I hear, will not star him. Don't take that to the bank just yet, because this is all hear-say. This is not his directing debut, however, because in '93 he directed (and I'm not making this title up, either), 'I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney'.

That's a mouthful. What's more, this will be the first feature film he's written since Good Will Hunting, which we know in our hearts of hearts, he didn't write at all. And, 'Gone, Baby, Gone' isn't an original work, either. It's been adapted from a novel about the kidnap of a little Boston girl.

Anyhow, Ben drove up in his sporty Bentley just now and nearly knocked me over trying to run inside before the Paparazi was able to snap a picture of him. He even called one of the assistants from his office to meet him out front so he could pass his Bentley off to her to park, giving the vultures less time to swarm in and snap some Ansel Adams grade fodder for US Weekly. Soon, his Project Greenlight partner Chris Moore rolled up. Seeing Chris, the Paparazi looked as if they were disappointed. Poor guy. He actually seems like a decent fellow on the PGL series.

On any account, thought it might be interesting to mention. Then again, maybe not. I don't care. Something about following the day-to-day follies of Ben Affleck seems to amuse me - -then again, flicking a light switch really fast seems to amuse me, too.

harwell said...

Pretty easy to see you've got a man-crush, Heath. I don't blame you, really and it's not that big of a deal. It's just that you seem to talk about him a lot. A LOT. A lotta LOT. But, hey - like I say, no big deal. You'll remember Reggie had a man-crush on yours truly back in the day and that hasn't caused me any grief at all. In fact, it hardly even comes up..

Also, didn't you see that episode of PGL where Chris Moore flipped the shitake out when he discovered Affleck had been told about a rough cut screening of FEAST and he hadn't??? For the most part he seems on the level, but that incident stank of some serious egotism.

But his voice kind of reminds me of John Crumpton. Not John Crumpton's voice necessarily, but John Crumpton the man/legend.