Saturday, February 04, 2006

Blogger Problems

I don't know what's up with Blogger right now. At first the comments for my Friday post couldn't be seen by anyone, then this morning I reposted all of the comments from emails I get and shortened the title to "Danny and Newt", but now Blogger's changed my title back and deleted all the comments I reconstituted. I'm not sure if it's just the one post on Friday or what, so I'm posting this no-frills post to see if it will accept comments. I've read all of your comments, and if this works without problem, I'll repost them in the comments section of this post for everyone else to enjoy.


Peggy said...

this is a comment test for brian

blankfist said...

This is a comment test for huffy.

JudgeHolden said...

The following are the comments that should have posted to the Danny Lloyd/Carrie Henn post.

Comments: 1) Remember when we used to talk like Shelly Duvall/Minnie Mouse back in the Pasadena days? I can't really think of Danny without thinking of Duvall. And I can't really think of Duvall without thinking of Kubrick in that documentary saying "Jesus Christ, Shelly, You're fucking killing us!" (Sorry for the profanity Crane family - I'm quoting directly here.) Maybe you should google a Shelly Duvall picture next. Or Tanya Harding. Have you seen her lately? Holy moly, she's up to about a deuce, deuce and a half. Not pretty...

Also, I was in a bookstore tonight Crane and it dawned on me in a complete shock to my system: Stephen King has a new book and I don't recall you mentioning one solitary word about it. Did you review it and I somehow missed it? Or are you simply afraid that any book with a cell phone on the cover, called CELL of all things, might actually be as bad as it sounds??? Yeah, me too.

Finally, I read that Chabon's book is out in April. Hope it's WAY, WAY better than that young adult novel writin' experiment called SUMMERLAND. More like TERRIBLELAND. Or CRAPLAND. Or WINANOTHERPULITZERFOOLLAND.

Your titles are too long, dude.

2) Nice short title...not... Peggy.. I thought that was a good idea..
Like it could have been
"26 Years Later"
then he copuld have done a long second title.
maybe next time

3) Gee, I hope everyone can read my post... oh wait, no they cannot, because Crane's title is the The Great freakin' Gatsby! Hey bub, do your writing in the message, not the title...

Do you like that? How I just hopped onto YOUR blog and demanded that YOU change? Yeah me too. Anyhow, I was asking if Harwell ever called John to end this finger pointing charade.

4) Hmmm... Harwell, did you ever call John? Seriously. Do it.

5) Peggy is gonna have your ass for the uber long title.

Oh and this entry was uber-lame.


6) I changed the title to the new and short one this afternoon, and Blogger deleted all of the comments (not that it was showing them before). Blogger's kind of glitchy these past 24 hours, because I've been able to do that sort of thing before with no ill effects. Anyway. So I've reposted all of the comments on this post by copying from the emails I get everytime a comment gets posted, and pasting each into a new comment. So it should work now.

7) Whoa, what's going on with this post? I put two clever comments up last night. This morning they vanished. Then there were eight comments, then nine, but none of them are actually there. What kind of crazy shenannigans are you pulling, Crane?

8) That dude with Carrie Henn is her brother. They are both featured prominently on the super dooper Aliens DVD. He played her brother in deleted scene where the aliens attack the colony.

I am a dork.

9) Oh, yeah. As a native Masshole, I'd like to congratulate you on your correct use of "wicked"
in the New England parlance, as an adverb rather than an adjective, regarding your hat. Most rebs never get it right.

Dude, your wicked pissah!

blankfist said...

Tanya Harding lookin' good: